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Mailody::TabWidget Class Reference

#include <tabwidget.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is a KTabWidget which can hold tabs for Messages and a browser screen. You can request the type with currentWidgetType().

Be carefull only to create the tabs with addMessageTab() or with addBrowserTab. Also only delete the tabs with the slotDeleteCurrentTab() or slotDeleteWidget() calls. Doing it on your own will mess up the results when querying for the Type.

Definition at line 41 of file tabwidget.h.

Public Types

enum  Type { Browser = 0, Message }

Public Slots

void slotDeleteCurrentWidget ()
void slotDeleteWidget (QWidget *)


void clicked ()

Public Member Functions

void addBrowserTab (TotalView *widget, const QString &text)
void addMessageTab (TotalView *widget, const QString &text)
bool currentTabType (Type)
TotalViewcurrentTabWidget ()
void setCurrentTabType (Type)
TotalViewtabWidget (int i)
 TabWidget (QWidget *parent=0)

Private Member Functions

void addTab (QWidget *, const QString &, Type)

Private Attributes

KAction * m_closeAction
QToolButton * m_closeButton
QHash< int, Type > m_tabTypes

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