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Mailody::MessageBodyView Class Reference

#include <messageview.h>

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Detailed Description

This class is responsible for displaying the body of the message to achieve this, it inherits a KHTMLPart

Definition at line 102 of file messageview.h.


void openComposer (const Akonadi::Collection &, const QString &)
void openInTab (const QString &)
void pageTitle (const QString &)

Public Member Functions

void clearView ()
void decreaseZoomLevel ()
bool externalImage () const
bool fixedfont () const
bool html () const
void increaseZoomLevel ()
 MessageBodyView (QWidget *)
void setExternalImage (bool i, bool updateScreen=true)
void setFixedFont (bool i)
void setHTML (bool i)
void setMsg (MessageData *msg)
void setOpenLinksDirectly (bool i)
void setViewSource ()
bool source () const
void top ()
 ~MessageBodyView ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool urlSelected (const QString &, int, int, const QString &, const KParts::OpenUrlArguments &args=KParts::OpenUrlArguments(), const KParts::BrowserArguments &browserArgs=KParts::BrowserArguments())

Private Slots

void slotPopupMenu (const QString &, const QPoint &)
void slotSetCaption (const QString &title)
void slotShowMsg (const MessageData *)

Private Attributes

MessageData::bodyType m_bodyType
bool m_externalImage
bool m_fixedFont
bool m_openDirectly

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