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Mailody::MainWindow Class Reference

#include <mainwindow.h>

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Detailed Description

This is one of the two main interfaces of Mailody. The class is pretty crowded with methods, but mostly internal ones.
Tom Albers <tomalbers@kde.nl>

Definition at line 64 of file mainwindow.h.

Public Slots

void slotCheckMail ()
void slotHideDeleted ()
void slotNewMessage (const QString &to=QString())
void slotOpenComposer (const Akonadi::Collection &mb, const QString &address=QString(), const QString &files=QString(), const QString &subject=QString(), const QString &body=QString())
void slotOpenComposer (const QString &address=QString(), const QString &files=QString(), const QString &subject=QString(), const QString &body=QString())
void slotPrint ()
void slotQuickReply ()
void slotQuit ()
void slotSave ()
void slotScrollBottom ()
void slotSetup ()
void slotSortOnYoungestChild ()
void slotToggleDelete ()
void slotToggleExternalImage ()
void slotToggleFixedFont ()
void slotToggleHTML ()
void slotToggleSource ()
void slotUser0 ()
void slotUser1 ()
void slotUser2 ()
void slotUser3 ()
void slotUser4 ()
void slotUser5 ()
void slotZoomIn ()
void slotZoomOut ()


void setupFinished ()

Public Member Functions

 MainWindow ()

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *event)

Private Slots

void collectionClicked (const Akonadi::Collection &collection)
void slotAgentInstanceProgressChanged (const Akonadi::AgentInstance &instance)
void slotAgentInstanceStatusChanged (const Akonadi::AgentInstance &instance)
void slotCapableResult (const QString &something, bool possible)
void slotClearStatusBar ()
void slotContextMenuHeaders (const Akonadi::Item &)
void slotContextMenuTab (QWidget *, const QPoint &point)
void slotCurrentTabChanged (int)
void slotDeleteTab ()
void slotDeleteTab (QWidget *)
void slotForwardMessage (const QString &to=QString())
void slotForwardMessageMenu ()
void slotForwardMessageMenuSelected (QAction *)
void slotMiddleClickInHeaders (Akonadi::Item)
void slotNewMessageMenu ()
void slotNewMessageMenuSelected (QAction *)
void slotNewTab ()
void slotNotifications ()
void slotOpenURLInNewTab (const QString &)
void slotPurge ()
void slotReEditMessage (const QString &to=QString())
void slotReplyMessage ()
void slotResultStoreJob (KJob *)
void slotSelectAllMessages ()
void slotSelectMessage ()
void slotShowMessage (Akonadi::Item)
void slotSimpleMessageStatusBar (const QString &text)
void slotStatusBarClicked (int i)
void slotStatusBarReady ()
void slotSyncAllFolderLists ()
void slotSyncFolderList ()
void slotTabScrollDown ()
void slotTabScrollPageDown ()
void slotTabScrollPageUp ()
void slotTabScrollUp ()
void slotUpdateStatusBar (const QString &)
void slotUpdateStatusBarRestoreMouse (const QString &text)
void slotUpdateTabTitle (const QString &)

Private Member Functions

void messageMenu (KActionMenu *am)
void removeSingleTag (Akonadi::Item item, const QString &flag)
void removeTag (const QString &tag)
void setActionStates ()
void setStatusBarStates ()
void setTag (const QString &tag)
void setTag (Akonadi::Item item, const QString &tag)
void setUserTag (int tag)
void showMessage (const Akonadi::Item &, const Akonadi::Collection &)
void startupSetup ()

Private Attributes

QList< MessageData * > m_addheaderlist_val
KAction * m_checkNowAction
KAction * m_closeAction
Akonadi::CollectionStatisticsModel * m_collectionModel
Akonadi::CollectionFilterProxyModel * m_collectionProxyModel
Akonadi::CollectionView * m_collectionView
Akonadi::Collection m_currentCollection
KToggleAction * m_externalImageAction
KToggleAction * m_fixedfontAction
QSplitter * m_headerAndViewer
KToggleAction * m_hideDeletedAction
bool m_idlePossible
QString m_lastMessage
KToggleAction * m_msgDelAction
KAction * m_msgForwardAction
KActionMenu * m_msgForwardActionMenu
KAction * m_msgNewAction
KActionMenu * m_msgNewActionMenu
KAction * m_msgPrintAction
KAction * m_msgReEditAction
KAction * m_msgReplyAction
KAction * m_msgSaveAction
KAction * m_msgUser0Action
KAction * m_msgUser1Action
KAction * m_msgUser2Action
KAction * m_msgUser3Action
KAction * m_msgUser4Action
KAction * m_msgUser5Action
KAction * m_msgZoomInAction
KAction * m_msgZoomOutAction
KAction * m_nextUnreadAction
bool m_online
KToggleAction * m_plainTextAction
KAction * m_prevUnreadAction
KAction * m_purgeAction
KToggleAction * m_relatedAction
KHBox * m_right
KAction * m_selectAllAction
KToggleAction * m_sourceAction
KSqueezedTextLabel * m_statusText
QTimer * m_statusTimer
KAction * m_syncResource
SystemTray * m_systemTray

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