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void Composer::setMsg ( const QString &  plain,
const QString &  html = QString(),
bool  sign = true 

set plain or html to be the message, after this call the cursor will be set to the top of the text part, but only when there is at least one recipient. sign indicates if you want to sign the or not. Defaults to true (sign).

Whether plain or html is used, depends on the seting of the composer.

Definition at line 540 of file composer.cpp.

References addSignaturePlaceholder(), and setDirty().

Referenced by setMsgAndQuote().

    QString message = ( m_text->textMode()==KRichTextWidget::Rich ) ? html : plain;

    if ( sign )
        addSignaturePlaceholder( message );

    // we do not want to get this dirty
    bool dirty = m_dirty;
    m_text->setTextOrHtml( message );
    ( m_addressbox->topLevelItemCount() > 0 ) ? m_text->setFocus() : m_edit->setFocus();
    setDirty( dirty );

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