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Mailody::Composer Class Reference

#include <composer.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is het main class for the composer...
Tom Albers <tomalbers@kde.nl>

Definition at line 72 of file composer.h.

Public Types

enum  TypeOfAddress { To = 1, Cc, Bcc }


void showSettings ()

Public Member Functions

void addAttachment (const KUrl &attachment, const QString &name=QString())
void addSignaturePlaceholder (QString &)
bool canClose ()
 Composer (QWidget *parent, const Akonadi::Collection &mb)
void inReplyTo (const QString &messageID)
void setDirty (bool dirty=true)
void setIdentity (KPIMIdentities::Identity identity)
void setMsg (const QString &plain, const QString &html=QString(), bool sign=true)
void setMsgAndQuote (const QString &plain, const QString &html, bool sign=true)
void setRcpt (const QString &address, TypeOfAddress addressType)
void setSubject (const QString &subject)
 ~Composer ()

Protected Member Functions

bool queryClose ()

Private Slots

void slotAddAddress (const QString &)
void slotAddAddressFromAddressBook (QTreeWidgetItem *)
void slotAddAddressFromRecentBook (QTreeWidgetItem *)
void slotAddClicked ()
void slotAddFile (const KUrl &)
void slotAddFile (const QModelIndex &index)
void slotContainsValidAddress (bool active)
void slotContextMenuAddressBook ()
void slotContextMenuAddressList ()
void slotContextMenuRecentBook ()
void slotDone (KJob *)
void slotDone ()
void slotEditAddress (QTreeWidgetItem *, int)
void slotError (const QString &error)
void slotExpandSignature ()
void slotFixedFont (bool)
void slotHideAttachmentWidget ()
void slotHideRecentDetails ()
void slotHTMLMode (bool)
void slotLoadAddressBook ()
void slotLoadAddresses (AddressBook *ab)
void slotLoadRecentBook ()
void slotReplaceSignature (uint signWith)
void slotSave ()
void slotSend ()
void slotSetAddress (const QString &address)
void slotSetDirty ()
void slotSetup ()
void slotShiftAddress ()
void slotShowIdentities (bool)
void slotShowRecentDetails (QTreeWidgetItem *)
void slotShowRecentDetailsDoIt ()
void slotShowTransports (bool)
void slotStatusBarClicked (int item)
void slotStatusChanged ()
void slotTransportChanged ()
void slotUpdateLineEdit ()

Private Member Functions

void addAddress (const QString &text)
void addRecipients (SendMessage *msg)
const char * encoding (const QString &data)
void placeSignature (QString &)
void showError (const QString &error)

Private Attributes

KABC::AddressBook * m_ab
QMap< QTreeWidgetItem *, QString > m_abMap
QPushButton * m_add
QTreeWidget * m_addressbook
QLabel * m_alabel
AttachmentWidget * m_attachview
bool m_close
QTreeWidgetItem * m_currentItem
bool m_dirty
KAction * m_expandSig
QTreeView * m_filebrowser
KToggleAction * m_htmlmode
KPIMIdentities::IdentityCombo * m_identityBox
QLabel * m_identitylabel
QTreeWidgetItem * m_lastInserted
int m_lastState
Akonadi::Collection m_mailbox
KMime::Message * m_main
QString m_origSubject
QString m_replyTo
KAction * m_savemail
KAction * m_sendmail
KToggleAction * m_showIdentities
KToggleAction * m_showTransports
KLineEdit * m_subject
KToolBar * m_textToolBar
QTimer * m_timer
QStringList m_tos
MailTransport::TransportComboBox * m_transportBox
QLabel * m_transportlabel
QSplitter * m_vsplitter

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